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The false teaching of a secret coming of Christ is  known to most as  the Secret  Rapture, and it is believed almost  universally  by  professing Christianity. However, the coming of Christ will not be a secret to  the  elect nor will it be a silent event.

The  beginnings of the Secret Rapture theory seems to  have  come from  Emanual Lacunza who had become a Chilean Jesuit  in  1747. When the Jesuits were expelled from Chile, Lacunza settled north of  Italy where he devoted the remainder of his years to writing  'The Coming of the Messiah in Glory and  Majesty',  in which he speculated that Christ will come twice: once for  his saints and again with his saints.

Although Lacunza had actually stumbled onto a Biblical truth, his speculation was to be the catalyst for the doctrine of the Secret Rapture. There does not seem to be any literature referring to  a secret coming of Christ until after 1830 when many began to  come forth with the concept of a secret coming. Among those who taught this concept were the Anglican Curate J.N. Darby,  Newton, George V. Wigram, Andrew Jukes, and J.P. Tregelles.

The Secret Rapture Theory

Although there are many variations of the Secret Rapture  theory, most who believe this theory believe that Christ will return twice:

First  Return

Second Return


The  biblical facts clearly show the following two returns of Christ:

First  Return

Second Return

The  Bible shows,  beyond  a shadow of a doubt, that when  Jesus  returns  to gather  the  elect of God, the event will neither be  secret  nor silent. The  Secret  Rapture  theory is just that; it is  a theory.