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Over two-thirds of the Bible contains prophecies of events that surround national Israel and its various tribes, which relate to the plan of God for the salvation of humanity. Therefore, in order to be able to make any sense out of the many prophecies about what will happen to national Israel just before Christ's return, it is necessary to have some understanding of who and where the tribes of Israel are today.

Because the information is available to anyone who wants to determine who and where the contemporary Israelites are today, we will only present a list of the major countries that represent the majority of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, in order to make the meaning of end time prophecies more clear. Our research indicates that the Israelites are among the world's wealthiest nations and occupy the world's choicest  real-estate, and that God will make very sure that these nations have the Father's good news message  proclaimed to them before the return of Christ.


The following is a list of the tribes of Israel and their possible national identities today. This information is  based on historical and linguistic evidence; however, not all of  the Twelve Tribes can be identified with absolute certainty. Nevertheless, available information seems to support the following analysis:

Asher =   Republic of South Africa; Gen. 49:20 Benjamin =   Norway; Gen. 49:27 Dan =   Ireland; Gen. 49:16-18 Gad =   Germany; Gen. 49:19 Issachar =   Finland; Gen. 49:14-15

Joseph =  Ephraim = Britain & United Kingdom; Gen.49:22-26 =   Manasseh = USA; Gen. 49:22-26

Judah = Israel (Jews); Gen. 49:8-12, also scattered in other nations Levi =   Scattered among other Israelitish nations general; Gen. 49:5-7 Naphthali =   Sweden; Gen. 49:21 Reuben =   France; Gen. 49:3-4 Simeon = Scattered among other Israelitish nations general; Gen. 49:5-7 Zebulon = Holland; Gen. 49:13

Although there have been many books written concerning who the Ten Tribes of Israel are and where they are located today, we suggest the following books as a good beginning point for any detailed study into this subject:

King Solomon's Temple and Jacob's Pillar, by Raymond Capt, Artisan Sales, P.O. Box 1497, Thousand Oaks, CA,  91360,  U.S.A.

The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. . .Found!, by Steven M. Collins, published by CPA Books, Boring, Oregon 97009, U.S.A.

Lost Israelite Identity/Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races, by Yair Davidy, published by Russell - Davis publishers, Shiloh-Hebron - Susia - Jerusalem -Beth-El, Israel.