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The sponsors of this website are committed to sharing multiple decades of Bible research and revealed understanding concerning nearly any and all topics, including prophecy, that mankind can ask about God’s plan in his word, the Holy Bible.

There are two primary purposes for this website:

First, the topical Bible articles contain understanding that is unavailable elsewhere and will help those searching for life’s meaning and mission. If you want to understand why you are here and what lies in your future, the answers are here.

Secondly, if you believe you are already one of the Elect whom God the Father has called to repentance through Jesus Christ, have been baptized by immersion in water, and have received the holy spirit of begettal from God the Father through the laying on of hands to become one of his children of the new creation, then this website is especially for you. It contains vital information on many biblical topics, including prophecy, and a series of audio presentations critical to those of the body of the Elect.


“He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches.”
Rev. 2:7,11, 17,29
Rev. 3:6,13,22